Kabuse-cha (Double Star) 50g


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Naturally-grown Hand-picked Kabuse-cha (Red Label).

Naturally-grown tea bushes are covered to block out the sunlight 10 days before picking. Then the ladies of the village carefully hand-pick the tea leaves, one by one. The dedication and skill used to grow this one-of-a-kind, authentic tea makes for a mild-tasting yet intensely fragrant brew. Naturally-grown tea bushes differ from bushes in typical tea fields that have been shaped into long fan-shaped rows.

Because of their irregular shape, naturally-grown tea bushes cannot be picked by machines, and so all work is performed by hand. You can enjoy the unique, rich taste and deep emerald coloring of Hon Gyokuro tea, which is cultivated using sunlight-blocking covers. Compared to our Black Label hand-picked Kabuse-cha, this tea was grown with a higher rate of sunlight blockage to make for an even more mellow flavor. This tea is prepared by the tea farmers themselves and sent straight to our customers.

Enjoy the fresh flavors of our quality tea.

Informations complémentaires

Poids 50 g
Type d emballage

emballage sous vide



Type de culture

buissons poussant naturellement.

Méthode de récolte

à la main

Protection contre le soleil

couverture à 90% au moyen de treillis en fibre.


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