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Powdered Green Tea Nitrogen-filled Pack (50 g)

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This powdered green tea can be prepared anywhere at your convenience. Just add 1/3 teaspoon into a teacup or glass and add hot or cool water to enjoy the luxury of Hoshino tea anywhere, served either hot or cold.

The bold flavors of first-picked Sencha and milder flavors of the beautifully blue-hued, first-picked Kabuse-cha are expertly blended using our own methods. The blend is then milled to a fine powder of pure tea.

Drinking tea made from a powder such as this allows you to take in all of the beneficial nutrients found in the tea leaves.

This powder can be used in cooking and baking, and it is reasonably-priced compared to other brands. It is made using only premium tea, and it stands apart from other powdered teas made from lower-quality leaves.

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